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A fresh coat of paint can really improve your home. RDO Painting in Orlando, FL is highly skilled in painting either a single room or the entire house. Painting the walls, ceiling, or molding is the quickest way to spruce up your space.

Wall Prep

Every painter knows you need to prep the walls before adding a new coat of paint. This includes patches any holes or cracks and washing the surface to ensure the paint will be smooth. And calling on professionals like RDO Painting guarantees the areas will be properly prepped, making sure any marks or surface errors remain hidden under your new paint color.Orlando, FL Interior Painting Services

Using Primer

Nowadays paint manufacturers are boasting about their paint products that include primer, so you can skip this step. Experienced Orlando, FL painters will tell you that using a primer is still the best way to get the outcome that you’re looking for. Knowing which primer to use will ensure the paint color comes out just as you would expect. Our skilled painters will choose the best primer for the job.

Area Prep

Nobody wants to see paint spills on the floor or drops on the ceiling, windows, or molding. We make sure to properly cover all surfaces in the room to be painted, thus maintaining the professional look you are paying for, which can go a long way in a return on your investment in Orlando, FL.

Choosing the Correct Finish


This type of paint is more appropriate for living areas and bedrooms. Flat paint is mostly used by contractors as it is the cheapest of the finishes. Most ceilings have flat paint.


Eggshell paint has a slight glossy appearance to it. Due to the glossiness of this finish, it is good for wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. This type of paint looks great on ceilings too.


A little glossier than eggshell, this paint type is ideal for wet areas. The glossiness of the finish repels water, keeping the inside of your walls dry and mold free. It also adds some depth to walls as it appears to shine in the light. This is a popular finish for moldings as well.

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Professional Interior Painting in Orlando, FL

Updating your home with new paint shouldn’t be stressful. That’s why you hire professionals like RDO Painting rather than taking on the task yourself. Our experienced painters know exactly how to prep and cover the areas, and which tools are appropriate for the job. Due to the humidity in Orlando, FL, we know exactly which interior paint finish is perfect for all areas of your home. And we always make sure to leave your home as neat and clean as it was before we started.

For over 20 years, we have been improving home interiors all over Orlando, FL. Call RDO Painting when you’re ready to add more appealing improvements to your home!

What started as a small independent company, has evolved into Orlando's first choice for interior or exterior painting!

With us, you always pay the amount that you were originally quoted, and our rates are competitive. There are no surprise expenses, and we will always clean up after ourselves following a job. We strive to make sure our employees are courteous and professional throughout the interaction. There is no deposit required, you pay us once the job is completed.

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